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You love the look of stained glass but don’t know where to start?  It’s so easy and you’ve come to the right place!

The following Frequently Asked Questions should answer most questions, but if you need to know anything more, as always, we’re here in the store to help

Do you have to be creative or artistic to make anything?
No. There are so many terrific patterns out there that you won't lack for ideas, and no matter what you choose, someone is always available to help you with every aspect or phase of creation.

Do I have to be in good physical shape to take this up?
No. In fact, many of our regulars are middle aged, and some are not ultra mobile. Many people take this up because they find it therapeutic. There are even special tools available for those that have certain physical limitations.

How do I get started in stained glass?
Take a beginner programme, and we'll get you going on everything you need and everything you need to know. You'll walk away with three completed projects, too!

Is this a good way to meet people?
Absolutely. Many of our steady customers come here to socialize with each other, Gord, the staff, and the teachers. In the process, they make gorgeous pieces of art, decorate their homes, supply their household needs, and get take care of their gift giving needs. You'll find them to be a lovely group of individuals that possess a wealth of life experience.

Can I work from home?
Certainly. Many people do projects at home, but they certainly don't have to, as Huronia Art Glass is always available during its hours of operation.

Is it expensive to equip a home studio?
No. All of the necessary tools/equipment and chemicals can be purchased for about $400.00 Canadian. This will get you good tools, grinders, soldering irons and holders, and chemicals.

Can I commission a piece to be made for me?
Well, as we have said in this website, we do everything, but our real specialty, is this area, is repairs. It's a true treat to see a piece restored to its former glory.

Wholesale Questions

Do you sell at wholesale prices to your retail customers?
Yes. Many of the items that we sell in our store have wholesale prices.

Do you sell to studios?
Yes. To all of you "Mom and Pop" studios out there, you should come to Huronia Art Glass to get the discount you deserve and to use the workshop.

How do I prove that I have a studio?
Just show us your business license, and be sure that it is in a business that sells or uses the products that we wholesale.

What determines my wholesale discount?
In a word: volume.


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