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Some of you may be familiar with Ann Swallow's work from our previous postings of her wolves and horses.  She creates amazing works of art from single pieces of glass.  She has graciously agreed to lead a workshop on how to create patterns from the hidden image that the glass already contains. 

This workshop will focus on how use stained glass to inspire your designs/ patterns - the same method used for these works.

During this workshop, stained glass artists will learn how to make the glass speak to us; to take advantage of texture and color variations and look for features in the glass that can be used to create impressions.  Participants will be provided with easy-to-follow instructions and learn the basics of how to draw/create their own patterns and harmonise it with the inspiration that comes from stained glass.  Everyone is asked to bring one picture that they would like to do in stained glass (printed on 8.5 x 11 paper, one in colour and one in grey scale (black and white). All other materials will be supplied. Thought we may not have time to actually start cutting, everyone will leave with a ready to go pattern and feel confident that they can create an original piece of art.

Artists will learn how to be like Michelangelo, who stated that, when he sculpted, he was discovering the figures that already resided in the marble! 

Instructor:  Ann Swallow

Level   Stained glass cutting & foiling experience is required. 
Cost   $35.00. 
Duration   2 1/2 Hrs
Materials required   Includede.


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